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Well, it has been a while since I’ve been on the website to update all of you so here we go!  I flew to  our foundry in Harmony PA in April and approved the first castings of the case coming out of the molds.  They are AMAZING!!  Not only are they beautiful works of aluminum art but they are ACCURATE, LIGHT-WEIGHT AND TOTALLY INCLUSION FREE!  Both case halvesThen we were taken up to the machine shop where an equally skilled team was setting up fixtures and tooling to do the milling and drilling operations on the heat treated castings.   Their schedule should allow us to approve the first machined cases within weeks of today!

Further advancements in the production that have taken place in the last few months include finding ALL the vendors who will be producing parts for us and signing purchase orders for 100 of each part .  It looks like we will be moving operations to Missouri where we have found our packaging, warehousing and fulfillment center.  I was able to stop by the warehouse on the way back from Oshkosh as well as the foundry that will be producing the crankshafts.  All of these meetings convinced me that our first 10, pre- production  engines, should be ready for assembly and testing in October.  The plan is to keep 3 of the beta test engines here to fly and run hard on test stands with the rest distributed to our pre-selected beta testers to gather data.  Barring any major problems, the go-ahead will be given to the vendors to produce the first 100 engine kits.  We are already planning to ceremoniously kick-off the much awaited production run of the DP-1 at the Sport Aviation Expo at Sebring, Forida in January where we will be presenting Kit serial number 001 to its owner, John Daum.

Pete and DP 1 at Oshkosh 2015AirVenture 2015 was a great show but because the production kits weren’t quite ready to display by show-time, I hadn’t planned on making the 2500 mile drive with the test-stand engine again.  But, because SO  many people were asking if I was going to be there, I decided at the last minute that it would be good to have a presence there once again and headed east.  The  test-stand DP-1 was well received by yet an entirely different group of people who saw it run in 2014. Thanks goes out to Ron Jones of Thunderbird Aviation for displaying the engine in his booth.  Thunderbird will be a distributor as well as one of many manufacturers who will be using the DP-1 in their production aircraft.  I was approached by several major manufacturers who expressed interest in using the DP-1 so I’m optimistic that the first 100 engines will go fast.

I ran it several times during the week although not as a scheduled event like I did last year.  I am testing a new design of piston which utilizes stock O-200 rings on the beautiful, forged, Carrillo 9:1, light-weight units.  I also installed a set of lighter weight rods and had the whole rotating mass re-balanced by Nathon Gerolamy in Sacramento.  The new rod/piston combo balanced at about 20 grams lighter on the bob weights.  The new set-up is running smooth and strong again but wasn’t broke in enough to do full on power runs for extended lengths of time.

Pre-orders are coming in as we get closer to production. I held off of taking orders for engines until production pieces are actually being produced.  Now, signed purchase orders are an asset to the project as they help boost moral for me AND my investors.   Speaking of investors, there are still opportunities to profit as a limited liability investor if any of you are interested.  Please contact me at woodwingdoc@yahoo.com or 661-391-9464 for more information on how you can participate financially if you are able.

Thank you for checking back in!!

Pete Plumb


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