I just wanted to update all of you that we got our airworthiness certificate last Tuesday, finished up a few minor adjustments and the Geissinger Cracker Jack took its official first flight with DP-1 beta test engine B-06 on September 1, 2017!

Prop: Catto 64 x 32. Static RPM was a little low @ 2450 so I removed 2″ from each tip, re-balanced and tried again. RPM was 2650 static so I went flying:

Climb to 1,000 AGL was quick and effortless. Both EGTs were perfectly balanced at 1350, CHTs were perfectly balanced at 325. Oil pressure steady at about 30 psi.  Climbing at 65 mph the RPM was about 2700 with level flight  at about 85 mph  indicated (not verified yet) throttled back to 2750.  Full throttle, level flight showed 2900 EXACTLY with the Cracker Jack indicating 100 mph.  I will gps those speeds as soon as possible.

The engine was smooth, powerful and ran like a dream!

About 15 minutes into the flight the right side muffler down-pipe cracked so I made a precautionary landing without event.  I pulled the screen and it was spotless.  No other problems were noted.

NOTE: Those old mufflers came off a 150 and were given to me to use if I wanted but were not airworthy. They had run for the last 3 years on the prototype test engine that many of you have seen in the videos and at Oshkosh.  Rather that buying new ones at close to $400.00 each, the failure of the muffler  prompted me to design a new muffler system which will be half the weight, less expensive and  WAY nicer than those old O-200 units. The parts arrive tomorrow and I should have them back on the engine mid-week next week when I will start putting on some serious hours on the engine in flight.  If they work out as I suspect they will, I’ll offer them as options for those of you with exposed cylinders. Fully cowled aircraft (pressure cowls) will probably want a 2-into-1 system.

Sorry, no pics of the flight and no video yet but Eric is chomping at the bit to start videoing flights.  Once I have all this minor, last minute stuff done, you will see lots of pilot reports and data and pictures and video so please check back next week!

That’s it for now,



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