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I designed and built the all wood Cracker Jack Sport Plane back in the 80’s. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAZuCccYSbA It used a two cylinder, 4 stroke engine out of a car made in Holland called a DAF. It was very similar to a 1/2 VW but parts are scarce. The lack of a good 4 stroke engine and financial problems at the time doomed the CJ as a kit plane. Over the years, I continued to build on my engineering knowledge and continued to refine and re-engineer the Cracker Jack with the intent of reintroducing it to the LSA market with a more powerful and more available engine. About 15 years ago, I began looking into cutting a Continental A-65 in half but never did anything more than think about it. Again, the lack of new A-65 parts was a concern but I looked into cutting an O-200 in half instead and the O-100 concept was born. In October of 2011 while driving to work one morning, I decided to start building the prototype O-100.

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  1. Pegasus Pete says:

    Hi Warren!

    Hey, only a year late in answering you…right???? LOL! Sorry about that. I really have been concentrating on the engine and have just recently figured out how my WordPress website works so please accept my apology.

    About the Cracker Jack: Yes! I am working up a BRAND NEW set of plans with revisions and upgrades to the original that will make it a WONDERFUL airplane. My engineering skills have had my constant attention for 30 years now and I have been able to design out all the problems, make it lighter and stronger and, with the O-100 up front, it will be a performer. I am VERY interested in building up the fleet rapidly so I will be offering incentives to builders when I launch the plans for the new Crackerjack 2 later this year.

    I agree with you on the crankshaft. I would have to do a ton of testing and probably make provisions to prevent my cranks from being installed in certified engines but I’m a little worried the market may be too small to monetize properly. As confident as I am with the ADI crank in the O-100, I still need to prove out the numbers on the stuff that Chrysler and Mercedes came up with.

    Feel free to call or write any time Warren. My common email is woodwingdoc@yahoo.com


  2. asport14 says:

    I remember seeing the Cracker Jack at Oshkosh years ago. It was one of my favorites at the time, but I was looking for a two-seater. However, I often think about a small single-seater for just flying around cheaply on nice summer evenings. Are plans available? I think some alternate engine possibilities exist.

    I’m also looking forward to updates on the O-100. A kit engine like that could be a good alternative engine for lots of small aircraft. If you get the crankshaft worked out, seems like it would be worthwhile to consider making a four-cylinder version (of just the crank) that would fit C-85s. There might be a fair number of folks who need a crank but aren’t willing to spend all the money for the STC’d O-200 crank setup (experimental users).


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